Some of the best reasons to take a massage


Of course we all think that a nice massage can be very relaxing and therefore for many of us this can be quite a treat. One of the things however that many of us do not know is that massage is now becoming thought of as one of the great healers for many different ailments. Even during a recent study that was carried out,  it was shown that even a ten minute massage can help to reduce inflammation in the body after a tough workout.

As well as being great to help soothe muscles and make us feel relaxed it has also shown to be great for things like anxiety and depression. It is said that through the process of massage levels of the stress hormone cortisol are reduced and making us feel better in terms of our mood as well as lower blood pressure.

Many Americans suffer from back pain and it was shown in a study back in 2011 that most of the people treated in survey experienced a lot of relief from pain during massage treatment.  This is one of the reasons that massage in New York has become so popular for example, as recently there really has been a lot of good press where massage is concerned.

There are also thousands of us that suffer from lack of sleep and this is also something that massage can be great for. By achieving that deep sense of relaxation which you get whilst being massaged – this is one of the reasons that so many people even fall asleep whilst in the process of receiving a massage!

It is also said that massage can be great for raising alertness. In a recent study conducting in the States it was found that of the sample of people that received a short fifteen minute chair massage before a test, all of these did considerably better.


Outcall and Visiting Therapies


One of the many benefits of different alternative therapies is that they can be practised as an outcall service and therefore something that you can receive in the comfort of your own home. This is particularly good for those that are very busy and also for those that might not be so mobile, cannot drive etc. and a whole range of other reasons. One of the slight drawbacks of using the visiting service though is that you might well end up paying a slightly higher price for this method due to the costs of the practitioner having to get from A to B and obviously the time that lost in doing so.

For some there is no alternative and for others it is simply for convenience and comfort in more familiar surroundings. One very common therapy is outcall massage which many people use and find much more convenient. Most masseuses these days even have mobile massage tables, although it can also be performed on many other surfaces if they are appropriate.

Another such alternative therapy that can also be performed as an outcall service is acupuncture which is an ancient Chinese Method involving the flow of energy Qi through the body. Most acupuncturists will also have a portable kit that they can easily transport around and for something like back pain etc where the patient may be in a lot of pain, it can be a good way to get treatment without aggravating the symptom at the same time in the process of seeing your practitioner.

When it comes to locating your therapist for visiting therapies you are probably best to do some online searches with keywords like outcalls and visiting as well as the area that you live or stay in. Failing this you could probably go for the word of mouth option or perhaps even calling round with some of the directories.

Finding A Therapist


When it comes to finding a good massage therapist one must really do a bit of homework in order to make sure that the therapist that they choose is both qualified and experienced to give them a decent service. This can actually mainly be done via the internet and a few phone calls, but nevertheless it is quite important to make sure that you are being treated by a bona fide masseuse, especially when say for example you have a slight injury and you need care to be taken.

One good way to find a good therapist can be through online forums. This way you can really get quite a few good reviews of the massage from different people and gives you a bit more to go on before making your choice. Trip advisor has proved to be quite helpful in this respect and it can save people having to buy blind, where they really don’t know what level of service they will receive.

Generally you will find that a qualified massage therapist will be a member of various affiliate bodies and therefore this is something to bear in mind when choosing your therapist. For something like erotic tantric massage where you might look to which is the world association of tantra professionals. For something sports massage you might want to try something like institute of sports and remedial massage and this can be a good way of finding a reliable masseuse.

Once you have narrowed things down through visiting various online associations and forums it is then probably a good idea to start going through your shortlist to make more of an informed choice on your massage therapist. Although this does not guarantee success it definitely gives a better chance of getting the right therapist for your designed form of therapy


Training as a therapist

training-massageIt is common knowledge that massage therapy helps millions of people all across the world with a whole variety of different ailments such sore muscles and pains as well as emotional disorders for example.  This means that training for such a position can be a great career move as well being a great way to help others in the process.

Before  starting this as your vocation it is probably a good idea to do some research on the subject which can be done by speaking to others in the industry, perhaps by doing some research online or at the local library for example. This will also help you to know which type of massage you would prefer to focus on for example as well as answering a lot of questions that you may have on the subject. There are so many different forms of massage therapy such as sports massage, Swedish massage, clinical and even sensual tantric massage therapy, that one really does need to think about which path to go down.

The next step is to look at getting licensed and qualified and this is where you will need to set aside quite a lot of time either as a part or full time student to gain the right qualifications and also to get registered with the applicable bodies for the type of therapy that you will concentrating on.

It will of course depend on how long it will take to qualify on which type of therapy you are concentrating on but in the US it can be as much as 500-600 hours of training required to be fully licensed although once this has been achieved it really is a great career and also gives one the opportunity to travel as this is something that is required in any country.